Purple Flowering Bush


Hi: We moved into this property a year ago (Zone 3b or 4 I think) and I noticed a small bush at the base of a larger bush of a different kind. This one flowered very early spring and has a nice smell .
I would like to relocate it and/or propagate but need to know what it is first .
Thank you



Unfortunately your photo is not clear so difficult to give a positive ID.

This is lilac blooming time and it could very well be one. Another possibility is a¬†Northern Lights series of Azaleas – Azalea ‘Lilac Lights’ which is hardy to zone 3, has smaller flowers than usual and is often fragrant. Although evergreen, it can also be deciduous. Azaleas have a shallow, wide root system so are easily transplanted in early spring or fall when it is cool weather.

Are you able to send through another photo, perhaps of the whole plant?