Red Beetles on Tiger Lilies


I have two questions:

My lilies are spread apart and I would like to know what to plant around and under them?

Also I have those annoying red beetles which I try to pick off daily.  I used to use Neem oil but it is no longer available.  Any other options?


As far as your Red Beetles are concerned, this question has already been asked and answered by my peers so I have included the response  for your perusal, see below:

the brightly coloured scarlet red lily leaf beetle emerges in the early spring to start feasting on lilies (Lilium species) and fritillaria.  See Ask a Master Gardener Lily beetles

 for information on control of these lovely, but nasty, critters.  The main control strategies include hand picking and destroying both adult beetles and the larva (which are visible on the undersides of leaves) and to keep the lilies clear of debris underneath, to avoid encouraging the beetles from overwintering.

Regarding your Tiger Lilies or Lilium lancefolium: 

Depending on the growing conditions of your Lily bed, there are literally hundreds of options for plants to add around your Lilies.  I have added a link with a varied list of plants with similar growing requirements to your Lilies:

For planting options underneath your Lilies: