Redbud Forest Pansy Leaf Colour


We planted a new redbud forest pansy and the red leaves turned dark green in summer. Can’t remember that happening with our old redbud. Is this common?

The soil is triple mix and clay and the exposure is on the west side of our house. We purchased the tree about about 6 feet tall this year and watered it well throughout the summer.


Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ (Eastern redbud ‘Forest Pansy’) is a lovely small tree. These trees are prized for their rose purple flowers which bloom in spring before their leaves emerge.  Following the blooming of the tree, the foliage emerges as a rich burgundy colour.  In places with hot summer climates the burgundy foliage turns green. The particularly hot summer in Toronto this year is responsible for the green foliage of your tree. For more information you can review the following links: