Rehoming a Tree*


Hello! Somehow we have not noticed a tree growing in our front yard, which is now about a meter high. It has been identified as northern catalpa. We absolutely cannot accommodate this beautiful and magnificent but enormous, when mature, tree. I’d like to find out if there is a way to re-home it: to a park or arboretum, or someone’s property/farm. Any help would be appreciated.



Thank you for your question about a Northern Catalpa tree, Catalpa speciosa. I checked out the ‘Trees’ pages of the City of Toronto website and found no information there that would indicate that they moved trees whether on city or private property. If this tree is on city property, they may agree to remove it. You would need to go on the City website, find Trees and Ravines, then Tree Protection and then Forms and fill out the Application to Injure or Destroy a Tree. I then looked at the organization LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests), but they deal with native species only. If you want to give your tree away, I think you will need to find someone yourself who is interested in taking it and has the room for a tree that will eventually be 75′ to 100′ tall and half that wide. Catalpas are not uncommon and have a tendency to naturalize in areas where not native and this possible invasive potential plus the fact that their seed pods can become a litter problem will make them difficult to rehome, beautiful as their flowers are.