Relocating outdoor ivy groundcover


Today is Oct. 27 ( 16C In Toronto ). My neighbor has given me some of his outdoor ivy groundcover which I have transplanted already to a shady area .Most of the attached roots were kept intact in the soil which was extracted from his yard Should I be watering now ( if so how much) at this time of year or wait till spring and is it even necessary in the spring? Thank you for reading my enquiry.



Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  Generally watering transplants deeply once a week before the first frost hits helps to establish transplants.  English ivy  however, is considered an invasive ground cover in Ontario therefore we do not recommend that you plant it.  Once it’s established in your garden it’s very difficult to get rid of.   The Ontario government has created resources that list examples of noninvasive groundcovers for shady areas of the garden.  There are many beautiful alternatives for you to plant.  Good luck with your garden.