Remove burlap when planting


I know I have read to cut string and pull down burlap a bit when planting… but you still have all that burlap under there interfering with roots to spread…isn’t better if I can completely remove the burlap?


Thanks so much for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.   The short answer to your question is yes, it is recommended to remove all the burlap.   When planting trees or shrubs, the more foreign material (string, rope, burlap, wire baskets, etc.) removed from the root ball, the better the survival rate of the plant.  Root growth is critical to a plant’s survival.  Any foreign material, including burlap, can constrict or damage roots as they grow.   As well, remember to remove any plastic labels or tape used to identify the tree or shrub to prevent girdling (constricting the bark) as the tree or shrubs grows.  Good luck with your planting.

June 2, 2021