Replace lawn grass


I am looking for info on growing ‘Ruschia Nana’ but can’t locate anyone selling started plants in Ontario. Is it because it doesnt tolerate our climate? Saw it here on YT


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gradeners with your inquiry.

Ruschia lineolata ‘Nana’ commonly refered to as (Dwarf Carpet of Star) is a dense matt forming evergreen succulent which originated from South Africa and has a hardiness zone of 9a to 11b. As a result it will not survive our winters and should be treated as an annual in Toronto’s zone 6 gardens.

But fear not, there are a number of ground covers which are available as a lawn alternative depending on your light requirements, soil conditions, and how much foot traffic the area will receive.

The following information is from of our recent posts:

This City of Guelph website gives a very good overview of the kinds of plants available as lawn substitutes based on a variety of factors including foot traffic resilience and soil type.  All choices are winter hardy in our part of the province:!pane2

You might also be interested in the booklet ‘Grow Me Instead’ from the Ontario Invasive Plants Council suggesting some native groundcovers.  Click here.

Good Luck.

April 9, 2021