Replacement rose


I have contacted several large nurseries and searched and searched, looking to replace a dear friends Helmut Schmidt rose. Any advice on where I can go to? Thank you in advance.


We’re not permitted to recommend specific places from which to buy plants.  However, you may want to look for garden centres in your area (or elsewhere) on Landscape Ontario’s website.  This site provides names and contact information for many nurseries/garden centres in your area – you could call a few and see if they have the rose or can help you find a centre that carries it.

Consider contacting horticultural groups like the Canadian Rose Society  (they are also on Facebook) to see if they can help you source the plant.

Finally, just doing a simple “google” search, e.g., using the terms “Helmut Schmidt rose Ontario” yields a number of results.  You could contact these centres/nurseries.

All the best in finding your lovely rose!