Replacement tree for front lawn*


The city of Toronto is going to remove the tree on the front lawn. Attached is a picture of red/pink flowering tree that we want to find out if the city supplies but don’t know what it is called. Can you tell me what the attached tree is or what flowering trees the city supplies? We are located in the Bloor and Dundas W. Area.


The photo you have provided shows what looks like one of the varieties of flowering crabapple, Malus spp. Crabapples are found in a wide range of shapes from broadly spreading to columnar, and a range of bloom colours from pure white to pale pink to the lovely deep pink blossom in your photograph.  You will see from the brochure below that the City of Toronto doesn’t provide fruit trees for street plantings.  This brochure lists the trees available for planting as free front yard trees:

If it is the beautiful floral display that you like, you could consider the Ruby-Red Horse Chestnut, or for foliage, the Red Maple.

Very best of luck in choosing a lovely street tree for your front yard.