Replanting grape hyacinth bulbs


I recently dug up grape hyacinth bulbs. Can I replant them now or do I need to wait until Fall.
Thank you in advance for your help.


Thank-you for consulting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Grape hyacinths (Muscari sp) are some of the most compliant bulbs in our gardens! Although fall planting is best, they can be planted pretty much any time. Even bulbs that have been forced in a pot can be planted in the garden once they have finished flowering. It may take them a season to regain their vigour but they should be fine.

Getting them back in the ground now will ensure that they do not dry out too much, and give you a chance to let their foliage ripen so that the bulbs can store up food for next year.  Just make sure you choose a site that has moist but well drained soil. Either sun or part shade will work well.

I have included a link to some additional information on these versatile bulbs:

Best of luck!