Rose of Sharon in full bloom – when to cut back?


My ROS this year has done really well. ( lots rain and afternoon sun ) The flowers are in full bloom. The bush has become quite big, and I find the branches become droopy after strong winds and heavy rain. When can I trim the branches ? Can I trim them after the flowers are spent, after the green leaves fall, or wait till March ? Thank you


As Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus, blooms on new wood, pruning is best done in the late winter or very early spring while the plant is dormant.  This way you can enjoy the blooms now and not cut off any of the new flower buds for next year.

Prune out any diseased, dead, dangerous or crossing branches and then prune back for shape and size.  Prune out no more than 25-30% of the entire plant so as not to stress it unduly.  Size reduction may take a few years to complete as pruning can be done yearly.

Hope this information is helpful.