Rose Pruning Risks After Leafing?


I think I’ve waited too long to prune my roses, since they’ve begun to leaf.  What could happen when pruning the roses, in west end toronto, if they’re established bushes?
Should I take any other precautions, other than making sure the pruning snips are clean, oiled and sharp?  The snips look sharp, from enlarging the photograph I’ve taken, and they can cut paper, which suggests they’re ok.
Since I’m not confident about pruning, and we’re about to get some rain as I write this, I’m going to make an executive decision to not prune so I can review the right way to prune, but fertilize the depleted looking peonies and roses, since I can’t touch the dirt for a couple of days after the rain.
Can I prune the roses when the plant is wet,or is that risky?
I’ve attached a pic of roses which are growing taller than I wished, and leafing earlier than I thought they would.



Even if some your roses have begun to leaf, you have to prune them in order to promote blooming, increase air circulation and maintain healthy plants.  Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world if you’re a tiny bit late.

Here is an informative Toronto Master Gardeners post that describes how to prune roses.

Good luck and enjoy your roses!