Roses without buds


I am so sad…my beautiful rose has set no buds this year…first time ever…did I feed it the wrong food? Lush foliage but no buds
What is the right food for a rose…


Considering you have this rose for many years and it has previously bloomed well for you, then I can only assume that it is getting 6 hours of direct sunlight daily and regular watering.

From your description of the lush green foliage and new growth, you may have fed it a fertilizer with a high nitrogen content in error.  Ideally, roses do best being fed with a fertilizer with a higher middle number, something like a 6-9-6 (N-P-K).  The N is nitrogen for lush growth, P is phosphorus for strong roots and K is potassium for overall plant health.

A change of fertilizer now would be fine.  Water your rose well and then feed it, repeating every two weeks until 8 weeks before the first frost is expected.  Doing this may give you some flowers towards the end of the season.