Rugosa Rose Hips*


I would like to grow and use rose hips. I have read that in southwestern Ontario Rugosa rose spread creating a nice hedge and provide hips their second year. Can you give me any information (websites for planting and care) or tips on how to plant, take care of and harvest rose hips?



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners regarding the rugosa rose and its nutritious hips. You have chosen an almost perfect plant. It is resistant to disease including black spot, is hardy, makes an attractive hedge, beautiful and fragrant in flower, abundant in colourful and useful rose hips and fine fall coloured foliage.

A previously answered Ask a Master Gardener question on the subject can be seen by clicking on this link, which also includes an excellent link with further information.

The following website from The Missouri Botanical Garden provides detailed instructions for planting a rugosa rose hedge.

Googling “Rose Hip Recipes” will bring up a number of sites with detailed instruction for utilizing this fruit.

The following site provides more information on the culture of the shrub. The section Harvest and Storage is particularly pertinent for your interest.

We wish you well in this endeavour.