Searching for Corydalis solida Beth Evans


Hi, there was mention of corydalis solida beth evans, on your site but not where it is available. I have been trying to find her. Thank you.


Hello, there is no easy answer to your question but I can tell you how I’d go about searching for a specific plant cultivar.  I’d first check with the garden centres in my area by phone. You can check the Landscape Ontario site (click here) for a list of all the retail garden centres in your area. If this step doesn’t prove successful, I’d then move on to an internet search to locate nurseries further afield that you could access through mail-order. Unlike retail garden centres, a nursery offering online sales will have a list of the plants they offer online.  Online sites will also let you know if a plant is currently ‘out of stock’ and any seasonal restrictions on delivering plants.

I found a great article from the late horticulturist Larry Hodgson who describes this same process and provides lots of other tips on getting the best results from this approach.  For example, he recommends calling your local nurseries on a week day when they are more likely to have time to talk to you. He goes into detail on how to refine your internet search.  I followed his advice and entered ‘corydalis solida beth evans nursery canada’ and came up with several nurseries across the country that currently carry the plant. I’ve copied the link to Larry’s article below. Good luck with your search!

How to find that special plant