Seed Germination


Looking to try gibberellic acid as a promoter of better and quicker seed germination. I see it offered in a number of on-line places, in various quantities, at various concentrations. I know, from a response here, that Ontario isn’t keen on its use as a pesticide, but, I’m a chemistry grad and a very old, practiced, gardener with a nice Gro-Op in my basement where I germinate and start most of my garden stock. Just for fun. Never thought of it as a pesticide. Can you advise on use of this product as a seed germination enhancer only. That’s my only use for it. Where can it be obtained? I might do 20 flats per year. How much is used? thanks and regards. Paul Nisbet. Castlefield Ave. Toronto.


Gibberellic acid is sometimes an ingredient in certain pesticides but is also used in farming for a variety of reasons within strict parameters.

While the usual methods for starting seeds works for most of the seeds we gardeners grow for home use, there are some that are very difficult to germinate. If you are attempting to germinate these, breaking dormancy can be challenging, possibly involving different temperatures at various times for example and results are often hit and miss.  Members of the Ontario Rock Garden Society have experience with growing some difficult to germinate seeds from plants that are native to harsh environments, hence require complex mechanisms to break dormancy. I am including a link to their site. You could also take a look at a blog by Robert Pavlis about speeding up seed germination using gibberellin and where he purchases gibberellic acid.,a%20long%20time%20to%20germinate. 

For in depth instructions on how to use gibberellic acid as well as purchasing a supply go to the following link. This seed bank has some excellent instructions on how to germinate seeds for specific types of plants including how to use gibberellic acid.

February 12, 2021