Seeding grass *


Hello, I am in Toronto, High Park area. Is it too soon to put
out grass seed for lawn repair? I wanted to do it this weekend but I see the night temps are still quite chilly.
I’m new to lawns! Thx for your help!


The best time to seed a lawn is the late summer or early autumn.  If you are seeding your lawn in the spring, the best time to start is when the soil can be worked.  Make sure there is adequate water and nutrient applied to the patches to allow the seeds to germinate and establish.

There are many ready-made seed/soil/nutrient mixes available from your local garden centre that will do the job admirably.  Check with staff there and they can show you some options.

Here is a link to a website that has helpful information.  Please refer to the ‘Overseeding and Timing’ section.