septic beds and plants


We have quite a few cimicifugas growing on our septic bed at the cottage. I believe the roots are shallow with a fleshy part and fibrous roots. Are these safe for septic beds and tile beds?

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Cimicifugas (Actea) are sturdy plants that require little care, which is ideal for a septic field, since you don’t want to be constantly digging and tilling.

Their root system is not deep enough to disturb the septic system.

According to the folks at the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, “The root system forms a good clump over time but does not aggressively spread.” There is a good photo of the root cluster on that page as well.

That cluster comprises thick knobby rhizomes covered with fibrous roots, usually concentrated on the bottom portion of the rhizomes. The whole cluster is quite tough.

If you would like to consider adding to the plantings, the Clemson University has an excellent page on what to plant and what not to plant in these sites.