Shade shrubs


I have a north facing property. No direct sun. In front of of porch I have Japanese Yews that just don’t seem to flourish. I’m thinking of replacing them with RED BALLOON VIBURNUM. I don’t know what soil to plant them in or if they’ll fill the space (see picture). I would like them to be about about 31/2, 4 ft high. I need a no fuss shrub that will offer some coverage of my porch front and give some beauty to the space.


Sorry to hear your yews aren’t doing well, it’s always disappointing when the garden planting material doesn’t live up to expectations.

I’m attaching a link to an article with a list of good alternative shrubs for just your situation, see below.  This should give you a starting point, but I would advise you to research each of the suggestions before planting anything as some of them grow quite large, some are quite high maintenance, some have specific growing requirements and some have toxic components.

Growing on the north side of a property provides it’s own challenges, but I would suggest getting a soil test to see if the soil in that particular part of your garden is alkaline/acidic, is deficient in certain nutrients or is contaminated with heavy metals or salt.  The results may help you decide what plants to purchase.

30 Best Shrubs for Shade (

Hope this is helpful.