Shepherd Peppers


I have green shepherd peppers still in my garden. I live in Mississauga. I know they will not turn red any more. They are firm. Are they ok to eat green. Raw or cooked


Thank you for your question to Toronto Master Gardeners,

Congratulations on your pepper harvest! Yes, since peppers are tropical plants, it is true that green or not fully ripe peppers will be unlikely to ripen further in the cooler fall temperatures. While being less sweet than fully ripe peppers, green shepherd and other green peppers are certainly fine to eat green and either raw or cooked. You may try ripening them further by hanging them upside down on the plant indoors. Alternately, try placing the green peppers in paper bags at room temperature – peppers tend to dry out quickly if left open in room air. If you choose to try ripening some using one of these methods, be sure to check on them regularly as ripe red peppers tend to spoil more quickly. What wonderful dishes these will make: fresh in salads, fried, roasted, etc.