Shine muscat grape vines


Do you have any Korean or Japanese shine muscat grape vines?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners regarding the purchase of muscat grape vines. The Toronto Master Gardeners are volunteers who share current, science-based horticultural information with the gardening public, we do not sell plant material.

You may wish to look for garden centres in your area (or elsewhere) on Landscape Ontario’s website.  This site provides names and contact information for many nurseries/garden centres – you could call a few and see if they have the grape vine, or can help you find a centre that carries it.

Alternately, just doing a simple “Google” search, e.g., using the terms “Korean muscat grape vines Ontario” yields a number of results. You could contact these centres/nurseries.

You may be interested in this fun article from a vineyard.

Good Luck in your search!