Shiny houseplant foliage


Are there any Hoya experts among your group of volunteer advisors ? I am a newbie that would like to have a couple that would most likely survive in a large North window , as most of them require lights and greenhouses to be well . Thank you for taking my question


Thank you for writing for guidance on growing hoya.

Hoya is hoya carnosa, often known a  “wax plant”, so-called for its leaf texture. It is a vine-ing plant, often needs a supportive structure, and the delicate pink star blossoms are gently fragrant.

Please read this Toronto Master Gardener reply to another gardener, like yourself, with interest in learning the best cultural practices for a  HOYA PLANT. This addresses basic, and very important, needs: size of pot, type of growing medium, water requirements/ restrictions, fertilizer and, regarding your specific question —  light requirements. You ask if  hoyas would do well with the light of a large north window, and the answer is dependent on how much inbound east, or west, ambient sunlight is also available. While grow-lights, and greenhouses, can provide a controllable growing environment, good window sunlight, throughout the Toronto winter, and spring months, can often be more than sufficient for the photosynthesis needs for  many established tropical plants.

When you purchase your hoya plants, if possible, engage in discussion with the seller as to their current growing conditions, including water, humidity, direct or in-direct sunlight, and, if they are thriving well, use this as a good rule of thumb for what you offer your new plants. Thank you for writing, and successful growing!