I do not know the name of this shrub but think it might be a weigelia.
It is not doing well this spring. Any suggestions?


Hello, thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Yes, this looks like a Weigela shrub. Weigelas are typically very hardy.

  • This easy-going shrub adapts to most soil conditions except for soggy soil; ensure that the water drains away well and that this shrub does not linger in standing water.
  • Prune out all dead branches to a growing bud making sure you use clean secateurs.
  • Top dress the soil with a good quality compost, and cover with thin layer of mulch.
  • Weigelas are prone to scale, aphids, and mealy bugs.  If you do see signs of any of these pests, treat and remove the  affected material. Do not put the affected material in your compost or green bin, place it in the garbage. Clear the area of any dead leaves or branches.

Attached is a link to the Toronto Master Gardeners gardening guide on blooming deciduous trees and shrubs.  I hope this is helps.  Good luck with your Weigela.