Sick Houseplant


My houseplant is ailing. The top seems fine, but lower bits are yellow. Any sense as to whether as a result of overwatering /underwatering or something else? Can it be saved, and if yes, would repotting help? Thanks for taking a look.


Houseplants have a range of growing requirements, depending upon the plant species.

How much light the plant gets, humidity, watering frequency, type of potting soil, type of pot, drainage, fertilizing regime, and repotting frequency are just some of the factors that can affect a plant’s growth.

You do not provide the plant name, and the photo does not provide enough detail for firm identification. As well, you have not given any details on your plant care regime. So, it is difficult to be certain of the reason the plant is ailing.

Yellowing leaves are often related to poor drainage, or over, or underwatering.

I suggest you follow the watering and other houseplant care advice in our Toronto Master Gardeners Beginners’ Guide to Growing Houseplants.

With proper care hopefully your plant can be saved.