Silver Birch Trees


We are creating a new side-yard garden and want to anchor it with 4 or 5 large white silver birch trees. The area in question gets limited morning sun until noon. Can you advise if you would recommend silver birch and the best place to source these trees in Toronto. Many thanks.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry on the suitability of the Silver (white) Birch Tree.

I will direct you to the link below before where there is an excellent discussion, comparing different types of birches , including the silver birch.  It will provide you with very good insight as to what criteria to evaluate this  or other birches, proper care, what environmental and soil conditions or culture are they are best suited for, as well as potential pests.

Notably, Leaf minor can be a problem with the Silver birch tree, and other alternatives are recommended which are less prone to this pest.

As for sourcing, we do not recommend any specific sources, but can direct you Landscape Ontario where you can locate a nursery near you;

Good luck with you selection and planting.