Skyline Honey Locust Tree*


We live in south Etobicoke. Our back garden has southern exposure. This spring have noticed the new growth on our Honey Locust tree is sparse and the new growth is shrivelling. Do you think we need to spray. PS The tree is 3 years old and looked very healthy last year.


From your description I am wondering if your tree has been infested with aphids. Aphids feed on new growth and cause new leaves to be curled and distorted. The first thing you can try is spraying the tree with a strong jet of water to knock the aphids off. You may need to do this every few days for the next couple of weeks. For more information click on the link below. A couple of days ago we received a similar question about a honey locust and a very thorough answer was sent out. You should find all the information you need and more in this link.

All the best to you and your tree.

Aphids and Sunburst Locust