Smelly compost


Hi, I started to dig my compost out of the bin to lay on the veggie bed and it was muddy, wet and chunky and very smelly like poop. However there were gazillions of worms! Is it good to use on the veggie bed or do I need to throw it out?
Thank you!!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  The odour from your compose likely suggests that it’s too wet and doesn’t have enough air.  Anaerobic instead of aerobic decomposition has taken over.  To rectify this, you need to aerate the compost pile by turning it over and mixing it up.  Add some dry material such as straw, wood chips or even dried leaves.  The smell should start to dissipate soon and your compost will be useable.  This resource has additional information that may be helpful backyard composting .