Smokebush and Fruit Tree



I live in downtown Toronto and am looking to buy a Smokebush tree for my front yard and a fruit tree (apple) for the backyard. Can you tell me the best and affordable place to buy such trees in the GTA? Most of the garden centers downtown carry potted plants and trees that are very limited and expensive. Happy to travel a bit to get good trees at a good price. Thanks



Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific garden centres, companies/brands, or individuals for paid work.  We are volunteers with a mandate to educate the public about gardening and horticultural issues.  You may like to try Landscape Ontario’s website to find a reputable garden centre:

That said, you may want to try searching for a nursery that carries a bare root smokebush.  Bare root plants are generally less expensive than potted ones; however, you must soak the roots in water and plant them immediately.  Also, if your intention is to grow a fruiting apple tree, you will need to have a second apple tree in the vicinity to produce fruit.

Good luck with your search and happy gardening!