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I have a trumpet vine in a container on a second floor, south east facing condo terrace. The plant over winters fine. First year had exceptional orange red flowers. Last year impacted by an infestation that has returned. It stunts the growth of the bloom area. Tiny bubbly eggs are visible. I would like to safely treat the plant. They are sticky white and are spider web like with little white crystals. Please let me know what my options are. Photo attached.


Hello – The presence of webbing generally indicates spider mites are infesting your trumpet vine (Campsis radicans).  Trumpet vine is relatively pest free, but they have been known to be affected by spider mites – as have many other plants.  The mites themselves are very tiny. They survive through the winter as eggs on vegetation and hatch and become active as the weather warms.  There are two methods recommended for the control of spider mites.  The first is a high pressure spray of water to physically remove the mites.  This may not be a practical solution on a condo terrace. The second method is to use an insecticidal soap on the infected areas.  You’ll find insecticidal soap readily available at your local garden centre. Note that insecticidal soap kills the mites by direct contact only.  They do not have a preventative affect.

Spider mites and other pests thrive on plants that are under stress. Ensuring your vine has good air circulation and receives regular moisture during hot, dry periods will help to keep your plants healthy.

Other factors can also affect the quantity of bloom on your trumpet vine. Make sure your vine is in a full sun location.  Trumpet vine will grow well in part shade but will have fewer flowers.  Also, too much fertilizer will promote foliage growth over flowers.  Adding a thin layer of compost to your container in the spring should be sufficient.

For more information on spider mites, I’m including a link below to an article from the University of Minnesota Extension.  Note that as this is a US article, their recommendations on residual pesticides would not apply in Canada as we restrict use of pesticides in home gardens.  I’m also including a link on the use of insecticidal soap and why dish detergent is not a substitute.

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