Source for horse manure required*


Hello, I am a volunteer with a Toronto community garden and require a source for horse manure


Your best source would be to contact a horse stable in your area. It is important to note that a horse farm could only provide you with fresh manure not composted manure. It is imperative that you do not use fresh manure in the garden since it will burn plant roots. However, well-aged manure,  can be worked into the soil without the worry of burning.  In addition to that keep in mind, that all manure may contain human pathogens. If you plan to use your compost on edibles make sure that at least one year has passed between the time you add your manure to your pile and the time you harvest.  Composted horse manure can be used by simply tossing it over the garden area and working it into the soil.  If you contact a landscaping firm that states that they sell horse manure determine if it is fresh or aged.