Spacing for a Dappled Willow hedge*


Hi there,
I recently purchased Dappled Willow shrubs to create a privacy hedge between my yard and my neighbours. I read on a website that the spacing should be 2′ apart but then on another website it should be 4-6′. So now I’m not sure how far apart to plant them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
Erin in Guelph


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Dappled willows will make a lovely privacy hedge. When looking online there are many different sites giving different distances between plants. It is important to take into account which dappled willow you have as there are more than one type. Each different cultivar has a slightly different recommendation as they all grow to different sizes.

It is important to look at the tags on your willows and determine which type you have. The tag should also have a guideline as to how far apart to plant them. These willows do grow quite large so I would not be surprised if they should be further than 2 feet apart.  Planting them at the correct distance will allow them to mature and grow properly without competing too much with each other. The end result will be much more appealing. If the tag is unclear the nursery where you purchased the willows should have the information you need.

When planting the trees do remember to plant them to the same depth they are in the pot. Do not bury them deeper than they already are. Water them well before planting and tease the root ball so the roots are no longer in the shape of the pot.This will encourage the roots to grow outwards more quickly.


I hope this helps.