Species Tulips


Hi, I’m writing from Kitchener, ON. I am growing a mixture of species tulips for the first time this year. (I planted last fall.) They bloomed beautifully and are now forming attractive seed pods. I know that it is advisable with regular tulips to remove the seed heads but I have heard that species (botanical) tulips naturalize well and you should leave the seed heads on if you want them to proliferate. I want them to naturalize… what should I do? Thank you so much, Elise


Species Tulips are nonhybridized, uncultivated perennial bulbs. You are correct in leaving your seed heads on. Only deadhead your tulips if you don’t want them to spread around your garden.

Depending on the species that you have in your mixture, some may naturalize more successfully than others. As long as you have chosen a species that thrives in your 5a-5b USDA Hardiness Zone, you should get many years of joy from these little beauties.