Spots on new plant


Thank you for dedicating your time
I just bought this plant and it was, what I didnt notice at first place, full of tiny spots on the leaves and the stalk. The leaves are not loose but they are doenward. What should I do


Your new plant is a Monstera adansonii or commonly known as Swiss Cheese Plant because of the way the leaves develop holes.  It makes for a lovely houseplant but be aware that all parts are toxic to pets so if you have animals at home, be careful where you locate it.

As your photo isn’t that clear, it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis of your insect pests but this plant is susceptible to mealybugs, scale, spider mites and whitefly.  My first instinct is to say one of the latter two are your problem, so I would advise you to take a very close look at the plant and if you see little webs, then it’s likely spider mites and if not, then its likely whitefly.  Doing a quick internet images search of these two pests will help you with a better I.D.

Once you’ve determined the pest, then a visit to your local nursery will provide you with solution options in the form of a non-toxic insecticidal spray.  Follow the container instructions carefully and keep your new plant away (in isolation) from your other houseplants as you don’t want contamination.

I’m also including a link, see below, to a good website on care for this plant which was written & vetted by two other Master Gardeners.

Hope this helps.