Spring Flowering White Shrub


I would like to get an identification of this flowering shrub. It was in the yard where I moved to. It had a very abundant amount of flowers on it this year and I would like to know more and the care of it


Congratulations.  You have a lovely shrub called a Deutzia. While I am not sure of the variety you have , you should expect this shrub to grow to 1.5 to 2 m, and be just as wide.  Please leave sufficient space for it as it grows to takes on it’s natural shape.  Deutzias have profuse 5 petaled clumps of flowers in early to mid spring.  It loves sun but may do well in partial shade.  By now it has dropped its petals and, depending on its age, it is time to prune it.  Deutzias benefit from pruning out old stems in order to thin out the shrub allowing for more sun into its structure, and encourages the growth of new stems with prolific flowering potential.  Please don’t shape it by cutting off the outside residue of the spent flowers.  This will only make the shrub dense and rounded, not conducive to the free form flowering shrub its genetics mean it to be.  The shrub likes well drained fertile soil- so feed it now with several cm of manure or compost and do the same in the early spring. Don’t let it dry out. You may find the links below interesting.

Blooming Deciduous Trees and Shrubs: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide