Spring flowers


I have just moved and i have a garden that is a mess! There is foliage coming up everywhere .. i think they are different types of spring bulbs. I want to tidy things up and although i do like spring flowers, I prefer a more orderly look and not just one of this and that everywhere. When is the easiest time for me to remove these? Should i wait until i see what they are and then know what i could possibly dig up and use next year?


It is hard to know what you have coming up until it blooms, so if you don’t mind a little waiting period, your bulbs will flower and you will be able to see what is in your garden.  Once your bulbs have flowered, if you decide there are some that you don’t wish to keep, you can dig them up right away.  Any that you would like to retain should be allowed to die down.  The leaves should not be cut back until they have turned yellow and are obviously dead.  The bulbs require these leaves to photosynthesize, that is, to continue to make the carbohydrates that are stored as energy for next year.  Once the leaves have died, you can dig the bulbs up and replant them where you want them.

If you have other plants that you cannot identify, perhaps we can help – just send us a good detailed photo of the foliage, and ideally, a flower, and we will try our best to provide an identification.

Good luck with your new garden!