Spring Gardening Critical Dates


With the temperatures prematurely warming up, when can we begin safely mulching, and working our gardens in Toronto? I’d like to get an estimate for some things I’ve been planning to do, but I don’t wish to harm, if it’s possible, the soil, or the flourishing of plants of the past years in the West Toronto back yard. Wish to transplant some of the plants might make some of them more vulnerable.


Hello – Any day with temperatures above zero finds me out in the garden right now. However, working on your lawn or garden while it is still wet and semi-frozen will compact your soil. Compacted soil is much denser leaving little space for air or water which are essential for root growth. The tasks I’m doing right now can all be tackled while standing on a path or sidewalk.   A timetable provided by the Toronto Botanical Garden (link below) outlines approximately when various spring clean-up tasks can be tackled. For information on these various tasks, click here to have a look at our Toronto Master Gardeners Spring Clean Up Guide.

Toronto Botanical Garden Spring Gardening Checklist