spring garlic


I will be planting garlic this spring (I know I should have done so in October). I have the garlic now. Should I plant it as soon as soil diggable? Or wait for it to be a certain temperature? Should I store it in the frig until I plant it? thank you in advance


In Ontario, garlic is grown as a winter annual – planted in the fall and harvested the following summer.  Fall planting is recommended; but, it is possible to plant in the spring.  Typically garlic planted in the spring is grown for green garlic (also called spring garlic).

Plant the cloves as soon as the ground is workable, so that the garlic has considerable period of cold for vernalization and bulb formation.  Six to eight weeks before your average last frost if possible.  If the ground is not workable you can place planting stock in cold storage, the fridge, prior to planting  (for four to eight weeks to allow proper bulb development).

The Master Gardeners have a Gardening Guide on Growing Garlic from Cloves . You might also be interested in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture article on Garlic Production