Squirrels digging in flower pots


I searched your site for a solution but was unable to find anything. Do you have any suggestions?


Hello, and thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about controlling squirrels. Like raccoons, these rodents are the bane of gardeners’ existence since they are so persistent and very difficult—if not impossible—to get rid of. I have seen countless posts on FaceBook garden sites about this problem. Gardeners are continuously seeking methods for ridding their property of these unwelcome and destructive animals whose land we admittedly share.


One strategy of controlling squirrels who are digging up your flower containers is to add something that has an odour that will deter them. Blood meal and chicken or hen manure pellets are two products that you can sprinkle in the pots. Your plants will benefit from them, and they may also repel squirrels (and raccoons). There are many squirrel repellents on the market you may want to try. Gardeners must be vigilant about reapplication, however. Wind, water, and sunlight will cause repellents to break down quickly. Repellents also have the disadvantage of repelling the gardener since many of us don’t appreciate our flowers smelling like anything other than flowers!

Another technique would be chicken wire barrier which will get in the way of digging.

I am including another article from our library with further ideas.