Storing Allium Bulbs


Hello, I bought about twenty large white allium bulbs to plant this fall. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do so as the planting area needs to be amended still as it is mostly clay. I want to store them over the winter and through to next fall 2019. I know they need a dry, cool space that doesn’t freeze. I think the heated garage will do as it stays fairly cool and the bulbs won’t freeze. The bulbs are loose right now in a box as I’ve removed them from their packaging already, thinking that I was going to get them planted. Is storing them in vermiculite or peat moss necessary? Or can I use newspaper to separate them? Also, when the weather starts to warm up, should I move them out of the garage and to a cooler spot into the basement or can they stay in the garage? How do I ensure that as the weather warms up next spring/summer, the bulbs won’t start sprouting greenery? Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks


When storing bulbs for winter, it is important to store them in a material that breathes in order to avoid excess moisture accumulation and bulb rot. Layering your allium bulbs in a cardboard box with newspaper in between each layer is an easy way to store them. Don’t let the bulbs touch each other.

Store in a cool, dry location, avoiding  freezing  temperatures and too much sunlight. Check the firmness of the bulbs about once a month, and toss any that have become mushy.

To avoid breaking dormancy, keep the bulbs in a cool dry spot until they are planted. So, in the spring, moving them from the garage to a cool area of your basement is a good idea. You could even store the bulbs in a spare fridge that can be kept cool.

Preparing Bulbs For Winter: How To Store Bulbs For Winter