Storm damage to red bud tree


My tree is in Essex County, Windsor Ontario.I do not live in Toronto. I hope you’ll answer me anyway. It is a 16 year old Eastern Red bud. Yesterday’s storm tore through it and pulled off a large middle branch and damaged two other central branches. Can I save my beautiful tree? And how much do I need to prune away. I pruned off the one large branch that was holding on by a thread. Thanks VERY much. I love my tree. I don’t know how to attach photos but I’ll learn as soon as possible. DorothyJane


Redbuds have weak wood and are subject to wind damage – and as you will see below, to animal damage too!  That said, they also have great recovery capability.  I personally lost nearly half a young redbud in a storm a few years ago and today, you would never know it.

If you are unsure and very concerned about this tree, a certified arborist or tree care specialist, in your geographic area, would be able to give you guidance on how to proceed.

Here is the answer we gave another gardener whose tree was badly damaged by raccoons.  Redbud destroyed by raccoons.

I think you will find it helpful.

Redbud Destroyed by Racoons