succulents, millipedes and propogation



1) I killed the millipedes on site, hiding in the soil. is the soil reuseable?
2) during the ambush, some leaves fell off my succulent, where can I find steps to propogate them successully?
3) my succulent has been overwatered, how many days do I let it sit out of soil before repotting?

Thank you.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

You do not mention if the millipeds you are observing are in your houseplants or are outside in your garden. Millipedes live outdoors or n damp locations such as greenhouses and hide during the day under leaves, needles and dead plant debris, or in cracks and crevices. They are most active at night. They feed on decaying leaves and other dead plant matter, millipedes help break down organic matter enriching the soil by helping to create humus.

I found the following information on the Iowa State University website:

“If houseplants are infested you may decide to discard the plants. For plants you wish to save, remove any soil-covering mulch or moss and allow the potting soil to dry out as much as the plant can withstand between waterings. The soil surface, cracks along the edges of the pot and the area between the pot and saucer can be sprayed with a houseplant insecticide to further help eliminate millipedes“.

I have attached two sites for you to check out. The first is a general guide to growing succulents and all their requirements for indoors but can be applied to outdoor growing as well.  The second site is an in depth description of different ways to propagate and the best method to use for different types of plants: Growing Cacti nd other SucculentsTechniques of Cacti and Succulent Propagation

Lastly, The top layers of soil will tell you when your cactus needs to be watered. Most succulents are actively growing  in spring and summer. During this time they require more water. Put your finger in the pot, if the top 1 to 2 inches of soil is dry, then your plant needs water. If you feel moisture then hold of watering. During the plants dormant period the plant does not require as much water as a result, the dry soil should extend at least halfway down the pot. How to Save Overwatered Succulents and Overwatering Succulents provide information on the steps you need to take to save your overwatered plant.