Thinning Cedar trees*


Hello. I live in Kelowna BC where it is exceeding hot and dry in the summer. Our cedar hedge is 15 years old. It has been getting thinner and thinner the last year. One end looks just fine, the other end has significant amounts of brown and we are soon going to be looking in to our neighbour’s yard if we cannot figure out how to ‘fatten’ it up. We have not trimmed the sides or tops in years. Would this help? Is there a specific food we should be trying and if so, would now (April) be too early to start. How often would we feed/fertilize? Water. How often, how much. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



All of the conditions you have described could be contributing to your thinning cedar hedge.  Shearing the hedge by one third, adding a thick a layer of compost and mulch a few inches away from the trunks, watering deeply and regularly and using a fertilizer high in nitrogen will all help the cedars fill out.  As we have had numerous questions regarding cedar hedges I am going to refer you to the following links for further information:

As you are located in Kelowna, you may also be interested in getting in touch with the Master Gardeners Association of BC at