Tibetan Bell flower seeds


What is the best method for planting Tibetan Bell flower seeds?


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

Common names for plants can be rather non-specific, so it is difficult for me to be sure of the exact species you are asking about. There are many different species of bellflowers (generally Campanula spp). The closest I can come to “Tibetan Bell flower” is the Tibetan Pale Bellflower, Campanula pallida Wall. var. tibetica, a perennial bellflower native to the Himalayas. It has pale blue flowers and hairy stems. You can see a photo of it in this Flowers of India entry. It is not a common garden plant and I am not able to find any information about planting/germinating seeds from this particular species, but this general source provides basic information on planting campanula seeds.

In my research, however, I came across many sites purporting to sell seeds for a plant called “Tibetan Bell flower” featured widely across social media. A previous Toronto Master Gardener response about a photo of this “plant” indicated that the photo on the internet was fake (computer generated). While I can find many general sites claiming to sell these seeds, I cannot find any reputable nursery or source that references a plant of this name. I wonder if this could be the “plant” you are asking about?

If so, you should not plant the seeds you have purchased because there is no knowing what they actually are. In fact there is a risk that they are Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides), which has become a very invasive weed in Ontario. This plant is a considerable problem in the Toronto area which we have addressed on our Toronto Master Gardeners website in this entry and this additional entry.