Tomato plants


I was wondering how often I should water my tomato plants in my garden in this extreme heat ?
They have been in the ground for about a week now

Also I have a couple tomatoes in planters 16×14 1 plant in each

Do they need to be watered more often?

Thank you


Thanks for getting in touch with the Toronto Master Gardeners.

The answer to your question about how often you should water your tomato plants during the extreme heat (+30’C.) in Toronto is to water them enough to keep the soil moist, but not too wet; you may need to water more than once per day.  The same applies to the tomatoes that you have in the planters; that may mean that you will have to water the planters more often.

Since we’ve not had much rain, watering to maintain moisture in the soil around the plants will be necessary.

We hope that you will have an abundant crop of tomatoes this summer.