Too late to plant a pollinator garden?


Is it too late to plant a pollinator garden? Only in spring/fall?



Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question. It is always wonderful to hear that Toronto gardeners are interested in supporting pollinators!

While spring is the optimum time for planting most shrubs and perennials in Toronto, you can continue planting into the summer months as long as you can protect your plants from burning and drying out in the hot sun. We’ve had such a late and cool spring this year, you should be able to give your plants a good start as long as you get going right away and ensure they are well watered over the summer. Fall is also an option, but early fall is best so that the plants have time to establish strong roots and harden off before winter. Of course, these are general guidelines; the specific needs will vary with the particular plants you select.

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