Transplanting Field Cut Burlap Bagged Hicksii Yews*


I live in Oakville and planted some field cut burlap bagged yews that I would like to move to another location. Some were planted in August 2013 and some in August 2014. Would they be okay to transplant anytime/or a better time this year? Thank you.


Early spring before new growth begins is a good time to transplant yews; the next best timing is late summer/early fall.  Some experts advise root pruning in the season before you transplant, but since your shrubs are relatively recently planted, this may not be as important as it would be for a more established plant.   There is always some risk to shrubs in transplanting, but if they are in the wrong place, it is well worth attempting.  It is important to make sure that your soil is moist before you begin digging up your yews, so thoroughly water a few days in advance.  Prepare your shrub’s new location before beginning and transplant as quickly as possible.

Here are a couple of links to informative guides on planting and transplanting with step-by-step directions: