Transplanting hydrandrea


I just transplanted my hydrandrea, it looks like dieing.
What might cause the problem? How do I fix the problem?
Thanks for your help


Your hydrangea is wilting and needs lots of water. Transplanting a plant when it is blooming is not the best time to transplant. This is best done early in the spring while still cool and before the leaves come. Hydrangeas are woodland understory plants and like morning sun but dappled shade in the afternoon and prefer moist soil with lots of organic matter. Hydrangeas need to be well watered. Water deeply when the soil dries out to encourage deeper roots. Drip irrigation or soaker hoses are a good way to water because all the water goes into the soil rather than some falling on the leaves, with the potential then for fungal diseases. You can also mulch in the summer to try to keep the soil cooler and more moist.

You do not mention which type  of Hydrangea this is. There are two main types. Some bloom on new wood  in the spring and some bloom on the old wood buds from last season. Looking at the size of the leaves and the fact that it is blooming now I suspect you have one that blooms on old wood. The buds on the old wood need to survive the winter cold to bloom in the spring. Some years this happens in Toronto but most years the buds are killed. You may have a bush that will only bloom every few years.  You should be able to google the name on the label to see if this is the case.

The Halton Master Gardeners have written a gardening guide to growing hydrangeas with information on fertilizing, winter protection and pruning and a reference table with information about different types of hydrangeas commonly found at nurseries. It also lists the most common varieties and whether they bloom on old or new wood.