Transplanting peace lily seedlings


I planted some peace lily seeds last week and are starting to sprout, however I planted them in a small pot. How long should I waite to transplant them to a bigger pot.


Dear gardener, thank you for asking such a timely question. Many gardeners are looking at the seeds they germinated indoors and are wondering now how long they can stay in the pot in which they were germinated, when they should transplant them to a bigger container, or when they should transplant them outside.

The Toronto Master Gardening Guide on growing plants from seeds recommends the following: “Transplant the seedlings into other pots or containers if they become overcrowded or when the cotyledons have developed or when the first pair of true leaves have grown. When transplanting, always hold the seedlings by the cotyledons to prevent stem damage. After transplanting, water the seedlings well and then restrict the watering until the plants are established and producing new growth.”  gardening guide on growing plants from seed

To this general knowledge, I would add that in the case of your peace lily seedlings, you should delay transplanting them to bigger containers for a while. Peace lilies seems to thrive when they are overcrowded. If they are short of water, they will dramatically wilt, but will revive quickly once watered. Wait until the seedlings have enough leaves to start looking like little plants before you put them in a bigger container. Be very gentle when you transplant them since they are rather fragile at this stage. They will not flower for a few years, but in the meanwhile, you will have some very sweet tropical seedlings to look after, which I am sure you will enjoy.

May 6, 2021