Trees and/or shrubs for rooftop terrace


9th floor, west-facing downtown Toronto (attached pic is North-to-South from right-to-left)
12 feet wide
full sun
two 27″ and two 21″ cube containers (w foam)

Desire (eventual) minimum four feet in height with as much density as possible to block loud, ugly A/C units on roof…prefer non-homogenous look with multiple colours/bloom times, etc.

What trees and/or shrubs would you plant here?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about plants for your balcony. A good source of information about container gardening is Container Gardening: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide. The References section has links to a wealth of information. You can find it here

There are some special considerations for containers on a balcony  eg. wind (more of a consideration the higher you go), plant hardiness zones (plants need to be two hardiness zones lower than for in ground gardening in order to survive the winter, so zone 4 for most of Toronto), winterizing containers, possible building restrictions related to balcony gardening. The Toronto Master Gardeners get lots of questions about balcony gardening. All of our responses to previous questions on this topic, including plant suggestions, can be found by entering ‘balcony’ in the Find it Here box on our website

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Best wishes for an enjoyable summer in your balcony garden!