Trimming Outdoor Cactus


We have an outdoor cactus of the Escobaria or Coryphantha and Opuntia variety (

We have had this cactus for quite a few years, but it has now spread onto our patio. I want to keep the cactus, but I need to cut it back and to contain it. (we also have a new puppy in the family)

Can you suggest gardeners who specialize in cacti or other suggestions?

thank you for your assistance


Congratulations on the new puppy!

Toronto Master Gardeners do not recommend gardeners. We refer you to Landscape Ontario for suggestions. Here is the link

I don’t know where you are located. Here is a site which gives you information on Cactus Clubs worldwide, including Canada and the Toronto area.

In regard to pruning cacti, they should be pruned as necessary for the same reasons you prune trees and shrubs. Below are two links which provide information on pruning, the second in some depth and also includes information on the possibility of propagation from cuttings.

Lastly, if you have concerns in regard to your cactus and your new puppy, you may wish to get in touch with the Veterinary School at the University of Guelph. Here is their site

I wish you every success with your cactus and every enjoyment with your newest family member.